Our Warranty

Summary of the warranty conditions

  1. The warranty covers those aspects of your devices which were a subject of the repair service. For example, if we replaced the broken LCD screen, we will only cover problems related to that part and labour but not software, motherboard, battery, charging port or other components of the phone which were not a subject of the repair service. This is why we test the device before and after the repair to make sure that the phone has been repaired properly.Please test the phone when you receive it. If you find any problem after repair which you didn’t have before (different than the subject of the repair service), let us know immediately. If you don’t let us know within 3 days, we will only be responsible for the subject of the repair.
  2. The warranty means that if there is a problem related to the repair which we have provided after the actual repair (within first 3 months), we will inspect your phone and repair it again free of charge to restore its functionality which was the subject of the repair service.
  3. The warranty IS VOIDED if the malfunction has occurred by physical damage or any kind of physical impact (user or manufacturer’s fault). For example, we cannot accept warranty if the front glass or LCD screen of your phone is physically broken, has any cracks or dents. Please read the further explanation below.
  4. Warranty means that we are obligated to guarantee the functionality of service we provided for agreed length of time. Refund will not be given until we fail to properly fix your device for 3 times.
  5. Screen protectors including tempered glass protectors are not covered under warranty. Those are added to give some extra protection to the screen but they don’t guarantee your screen will not to break if you drop it. We don’t take any responsibility for damages to the screen even if the tempered glass protection was applied.

Further explanation for the phone front glass and screen self cracking problems Some mobile phones develop a crack on the screen even if they are new or used only for a few days. It is a phone manufacturer fault with the phone design. Please do not blame us if for example Sony Xperia phone will crack fairly quickly after we fix it.
We do not cover it with our warranty. We use same strong parts as original! You can read about self cracking Xperia problem on the Internet!

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