Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have a phone which has a cracked glass screen however the touchscreen and LCD display is working perfectly. It is just the glass which has cracked. I wanted to know how much it would cost in just replacing the front glass, thanks.

Most of the time if you have the front glass broken, the whole screen has to be replaced. There is exeption for some mid range phones with separate digitizers (then it is specified in description of that particular phone repair service). Even if replacing the glass on Samsung phones is possible, the process is very time consuming and getting perfect results is nearly not possible. No matter if you phone (for example Note 4) has front glass broken or the whole screen, price will be the same and we will replace whole assembly.

2. I have received my phone back but after you fixed my screen, the front camera doesn’t work.

Sorry to hear that. To repair the phone, we have to disconnect many modules of the phone and connect them back. We test all aspects of the phone after we fix it but some connectors may get loose while it is being delivered. If you receive a phone with a fault which was not there before, let us know immediately. We will repair the issue free of charge. So please test the phone properly when you receive it. If you don’t let us know within first 3 days, we will only cover the repair service, which you have paid for.

3. I have sent you my phone in the original box but received it back in a different box.

We ask you to send the phone without any SIM, memory cards and accessories. All mobile phones are being returned in standard brown boxes. Sometimes we can use the box which a customer use to send his phone but if for any reason we decide to return it in our own box, we don’t take responsibility for your lost box.

4. I had a tempered glass protector applied and when the phone was dropped, the screen got broken but the tempered glass survived.

We advise you to have a good screen protector or tempered glass as those protect from scratches and add some extra strengh to your phone’s screen. However they don’t give you 100% guarantee and we don’t take any responsibility for using them.

5. I have been away for 5 months and you still have my phone.

Devices not collected within 3 months from the moment we received them for repair are being automatically removed from our premisses and dispossed without chance of having them back. We are going out of space bacause of phones, tablets and laptops which were not collected. Probably we tried to contact you anyway but did not get any answer. You haven’t instructed us that your are not able to collect it.

6. I have a chinese phone with broken screen and want to bring it tomorrow for same day repair.

Thank you for your interest in our repair services. Yes, we offer same day repairs but only to those mobile phones which are listed in detail on our website. Also we ask you to inform us about your coming by booking your visit. We don’t guarantee fixing phones which were not previously booked or are not part of our offer. You can still send us a quote and we will get back to you with possible options.

7. What is the difference between the front glass and screen repair ?

Most of the time we replace the front glass and the screen reglardless if you choose front glass repair or the screen repair. If you can see that the price is the same for both, those will be replaced. If you can see different price for front glass and the screen, read the desctription carefully. However that only applies to older Samsung phones. On new mobile phones, every time we replace the whole front assembly (front glass / digitizer and the screen)

8. I want you to fix my phone but I have applied some stickers to it and I don’t want to get them damaged while you fix the phone. Will you take the responsibility ?

If you have any modifications made to your phone for example stickers, vinyls, engraves, cases which stick to the back or sides of the phone, we don’t take responsibility to them. We will try not to touch them but it is very likely we will have to take them out. Same if you bring your phone for warranty repair, we will fix the related problem but if we have to take modifications out, we will not take any financial responsibility for them

9. Can you guarantee the data on my phone to be safe during repair ?

We always recommend to make a backup of your files if possible. If you cannot do the backup, please bring the phone and we will try to fix the problem. We never delete your data intentionaly and what we have learned, your files should be there if the problem is broken screen, front glass, back glass, battery or charging port. However we never guarantee your data, we don’t take responsibility for it and to any claims in regards to lost files. If you have a water damage, there is no guarantee, the data can be retrieved but we do our best and we have a very high success rate.

10. You fixed my phone before and the screen is broken again after a month but I haven’t even dropped it. Can you fix it under warranty ?

Our policy clearly states that if you have any physical damage to the screen, the warranty is being voided. Any manufacturer of the phone will not consider it under warranty, even it it is only after few days when you bought it. When we install the replacement screen, we check if there are any cracks or dents. Those are supplied by manufacturers and we only fit them. Everytime when we go to the manufaturer with customer’s claim that the screen was not broken but cracked “just like that”, we hear that it is impossible and some impact had to occur. There is also a very controversial story about Sony Xperia phones which very easily break. This is why we have to clearly state that if the screen has any physical damage, the warranty is being voided. If you still need a different solution you can:

  • Go to the third party phone repair company and get the report with their opinion if the problem could be caused by improper installation or poor quality part. Get their address and phone number. If the consulation with them will confirm their opinion, we agree to replace the screen again free of charge.
  • Come back to us again and we will replace it for a discounted price

11. I have heard about recent Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery problems and phones exploding. Are your batteries safe to use ?

We have never had any problems with batteries and we have never experienced any consequences (direct or indiriect) cause after its replacement. However please note, we always state if the battery which we replace is original replacement or high quality replacement (made by third party). We don’t take responsibility if such a battery causes any indirect problems (outside of the mobile phone) such as injuries, fire, any damages or profits losses. Once again, it has never happened but what have just recently happened to Samsung with Note 7, make it important to live a comment. If you are not happy about this statement, please don’t use the battery replacement service.

12. My Google Pixel screen cracked, I dropped it, the glass broke but the phone keeps restarting. Can you check it and fix it ?

After you dropped the phone, there may be some other damage than just the screen broken. Sometimes something can get disconected, sometimes the motheboard breaks or even the single component may become loose. We need to remove the cracked screen first. This may break while removing as it has been already weakened by the broken front glass. We don’t take responsibility for the part which is already broken if it stops working completely. If we find the problem to be repairable, we will inform you about the cost of repair. If we find it is not repairable and you dont want to replace the screen, we will return you the phone without the screen. At the end you may feel that we are returning you the phone in even worst condition but there was no other way to investigate it without removing the screen. This applies to any mobile phones with broken screens which have additional problems after being dropped.

13. What if I bring my laptop for screen repair but after fix I have other problems ?

If you bring your laptop for the screen repair, we will first confirm that this is the only problem. If during the fixing we damage anything, we take the full responsibility. If there is any risk of no success, we will inform you about that before we start the repair. There is no risk on your side unless we tell you about it before we start the job.

14. I have paid for screen repair and next day delivery. I have sent it on Thursday, today is Saturday and I haven’t received my phone back. What is going on ?

If we receive your phone on Friday, we will repair it on the same day if we have not problem with the repair and testing it after that. We will post it with next day delivery by 1pm but it does not include weekends. So you should get it on Monday.

15. I have used your service before and I was happy with results. However I broke the screen again on my phone. Can you provide a discount ?

Thank you for coming back. We really appreciate! We can offer you a discount but we need to know what service you need and what phone you have to evaluate the cost of repair. Please send us an email or give us a call and one of our team will prepare a discount for you. If we are not able to discount the service, we will offer you phone case or tempered glass free of charge.

16. Why some of repairs are so expensive ? The cost of Galaxy S7 Edge screen repair is ridiculous !

The price for repair consists of the cost of replacement part and the labour. The labour cost includes the time we need to spend repairing the phone and the responsibility we take. Usually the high cost of repair means that the replacement part is very expensive. For example, the replacement screen for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge costs around £270 (29 January 2017).

17. Can you repair anything with any phone ?

We have listed services which we offer on a regular bassis. However, not everything is repairable, sometimes cost of the repair is higher that the value of the device. Quite often it takes hours just to find that the device is not repairable. Basing on years of experience, we may reject the repair if we find it to problematic.

18. I have my own replacement screen for my phone, can you fit if for me ?

We prefer to use our own replacement parts, the quality we know. Sometimes we may agree for the repair using your own parts. We will offer discounted price but no warranty and no responsibility if the part will cause any harm to your phone.